We’re a five man “Live Rock n’ Roll Show” that will get you dancing and having fun.
The band is from San Diego and performs throughout Southern California, U.S.A.


It was 1997 when, lead guitarist and singer, Patrick Reynolds (Poway) asked singer and front man Myron Frame (San Diego) to write lyrics. Myron pencil to papered seven of the songs on Myron and the Kyniptionz’ first CD FIT , released in 2000 by Picture Frame Music and Video.

Since then, prolific melody song writer lead guitarist Pat, and front man with a personality, Myron, have hashed it out, cut it up, and continue to “rock the house”. Eventually they did have to include ‘covers’, like Johnny Cash, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Grand Funk Railroad, Thin Lizzy, Jet, Stones, Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith, etc., so they they could keep performing and writing original songs.

The latest…

We’re getting ready to release 2 new discs! The music has been submitted as of September 19th. Next is the wait while all the administrative tasks are completed. We hope to have this release, “Classics” available around October 15, 2014 and “Classics 2″ around October 21, 2014. Until then, do the right thing (and do it often) and catch us live below!

Upcoming Shows:
October 3 – Carver’s
October 10 – Pal Joey’s

Looking for something BETTER for your next event? The Kyniptionz are your answer. Myron will get your guests off their chairs and get them dancing and having a great time. Go to our contact page and give Myron a call to book us!